Returning as part of ZBelow’s
Murmuration Festival



Written and performed by Evan Johnson
Directed by Ben Randle | Developed with Eric Wilcox.

On 1 1 11

1 1 11ArtGroup – Drawing from physical theatre practices, text-based experiments and sound installations, 1 1 11 ArtGroup exists to focus the efforts of the group and to engage the world, both local and at large, with evidence of a vibrantly queer artistic lens.

01 / Principal

Evan Johnson – Writer, performer, Director –  is the actor/creator of two solo works, Pansy (New Conservatory Theatre Center) and Don’t Feel: The Death of Dahmer (Mama Calizo’s Voice Factory). Before moving to San Francisco, Evan trained at Double Edge Theatre (Ashfield, Massachusetts), toured India as a clown, with members of Ricochet Circus Theatre, collaborated on a 90 minute wordless play featuring larval masks (Austin, TX) and graduated from Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre (Blue Lake, CA).  read more..

02 / Principal

Ernesto Sopprani: Cultural Worker / Designer – Ernesto coordinates location-specific and primarily community-based performance projects. Whether as an artist or as an arch-collaborator, his work is geared towards investigating innovative and self-sustainable models of presenting art and performance, specifically queer work, which expands upon the common definition of Queer and challenges his and his community’s relationship to live performance. …read more